Common Problems Moles Cause

Moles are little insectivores that live underneath the ground. They live their lives in underground tunnels. In the shallow tunnels, they search for and feed on worms, insects, and plant roots and bulbs. Moles like to live a singular life in their tunnels aside from during the breeding season. 

How dangerous would moles be?

Moles are not dangerous to individuals. They, however, are dangerous to the lawn and landscapes that they are attacking. They can cause critical, exorbitant damage to the roots of grasses and decorative plants as they make their tunnels and search for food.

Moles can bite and they can transmit rabies, however there are no authentic reports that propose any human has ever contracted rabies from a mole bite. Since moles don't, for the most part, interact with people except if they are attacked so you won't be bitten by a mole under normal circumstances. However, it is still important to avoid any mole or other wildlife that isn't sketchy. If however, this creature is trying to come in contact with you, it could have rabies. 

In the worst-case scenario, moles can carry numerous diseases including tularemia and rabies.

Diseases that moles carry 

Even though it is uncommon, yet moles can carry different viruses. For example, they can carry rabies and transmit it through a bite or scratch if people try to catch them. 

Like all wildlife,  the bite is not the only way moles transmit diseases to you. They can get into trash cans, sewers, consume urine and droppings of other animals and then carry the infections into your washrooms, cupboards, and kitchens. 


Moles bring insects into your yard, and moles and voles are no special case. Fleas, ticks, mites, lice, and different rodents that pick a host to live on, can be brought into your yard by moles. If you have pets that wander your yard, they will have a higher possibility of bringing parasites into your home if moles are near. 

Would moles be able to damage your property? 

Moles' tunneling tendencies can damage grass, flower beds and destroy tree roots, damaging lawns, and nurseries. Mole tunnels can be arranged into two fundamental categories shallow and deep. Shallow tunnels make surface runways while profound tunnels make surface hills. 

As moles burrow below the earth looking for food, they make huge networks of tunnels at a disturbing pace of up to one foot per minute. In their chase for earthworms and grubs just underneath the surface of the ground, they excavate soil from their tunnels and pile it up the on the ground. These shallow tunnels lead to surface tunnels that are recognizable by the tiny hills which show up as long ridges in the soil. Shallow tunnels feel light and delicate when strolled on and can make you trip, fall, sprain a lower leg or even worse. Mole runways frequently track with a foundation,  garage or lawn border. 

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