Life Cycle of a Fly on a Dead Carcass

Have you ever heard the sound of fly? You just saw them sitting on messy things like urine, dropping, feces, etc. they also like to lay eggs on the carcass. They like to breed at the places where they find a carcass in excessive amounts. You may saw them near to the poultry forms or meet factories and processing plants. If you live near any given sites, they must be coming from these places. But if you have a pet, then we can bet they are coming inside from your home; as we mentioned above, they like to sit and eat these messy feces and droppings.

You must be thinking you do not have any dead animal in your house, and then what are they doing into your kitchen. There must be some dead insects or garbage that is a point of interest for the fly. You may find them on the attic, chimneys where you have used spikes to avoid or remove the rodents and you may have used trapped or poison that has killed the rodents on the attic. So you have provided them a source of food, and you will be shocked to see they will be covering the carcass from every side means there will be more than one fly.

Flies have an excellent sense of smell; you will be surprised to know they can smell a dead animal after 20 minutes of its death. If a female fly senses the dead animal smell, she will try to get away to reach out to the dead animal. She wills layout the egg on these dead animals that will be 180, and the larva hatch within the next few hours. After feeding on a carcass, them larva will be developed into an adult fly.

If the carcass is fading out and the fly cannot feed on the carcass anymore, they will turn into the pet feces and dropping. They are not only limited to the animals or feces; you will also find them on the rotten egg, destroy fruits, etc.

Like other animals, flies also transmit several diseases as they sit and feed upon carcass so just imagine when they will taste your food all the germs will automatically be a shift into your food and the person who is going to eat this food all the germs will transfer into that person body. This germs transmitting process can lead to serious health issues.


It is important to find out the source or attractant due to that they are in your home. On the next step, remove the source of food and wash the place with a good detergent to remove the carcass odor. Having flown into your home is also an indicator that rodents are living in your home, and it is important to get rid of them if you really do not want to see a group of flies again. Try to cover your food or keep them in a closed container, so the flies did not get any chance to transmit the diseases that they carry.

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